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The Christian Nomad is what I affectionately call a Christian that has fallen out of the church, and entered into the existential desert of endless doubt, and often despair. This desert of existence is what C.S. Lewis called The Shadowlands. Lewis realized the pitfalls of the modern church and so he went about the whole thing from a skeptic’s perspective, and in doing wrote some of the most profound and inspired apologetics ever produced. But it’s not only the church that has lost its way, but so has the individualism of christian thinkers. Gone are the days of G. K. Chesterton and Jonathan Edwards, a time when the great thinkers of the world were Men of God. Instead, we are told to follow man-made traditions, ignore what the Bible says, ignore our conscience, ignore Jesus, stop questioning and follow along.

In theory: The Shadowlands are the place where our minds wander when the big questions go unanswered, where the existential exists, where great wonder turns to deep despair, and faith goes to die. Or where the spirit wanders when the darkness of the soul realizes itself. It exists because of the modern church.

In practice: The Shadowlands exists to help answer those questions. To journey into the shadowlands and bring back those who where cast off by the church. How can we know there is a God? Is Jesus who he says he is? Did Jesus claim to be God? Can the bible be trusted? What about the Old Testament? We look to answer those questions using the scriptures, textual and historical criticism, reason, and good old logic.


I also blog irregularly, and do a weekly radio-type show.